Writing is Tough

Self Publishing is even harder. 

It’s not that I thought it would be easy. All the formatting, the editing… I suppose it just this feeling that I’m all alone out there doing this work. Holding my book in my arms and cowering in corners. 

Submitting works of fiction has a similar effect. Something akin to cowering in that same dark room all alone, but this time, I’ve mailed out letters. Patiently waiting for someone to write back. It’s quite a mind game. 

Having this blog and a few great followers has helped. Also Twitter has helped. (Follow me here. ❤) I’d like to thank anyone who has helped me on the way. 

HEY SELF PUBLISHERS! This formatting guide is amazing for anyone who is out trying to do it themselves. It is so possible! I never used HTML before this and look what I was able to do, first try! My new book, Itinerary for sale on Amazon

If you like what you see, why not support a struggling writer? ❤ 

Back to self pubbing: This is formatting guide by Guido Henkel. I’ve also got another tip for the poor writer in need. Fiverr.com. You can get some amazing covers for $5. Just search around until you see an artist you like and five dollars later, BAM! Cover. Both of these sources are invaluable to me.

Need help finding beta readers or a solid online writing community? Scribophile. I don’t know where it was hiding all my life, but it is awesome. Free version is great and workable. Paid version is better and affordable. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Love love love.



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2 Responses to Writing is Tough

  1. simonemillien says:

    I fellow scribophiler and self-pubber. I just happened on your blog through wordpress *waves* I know exactly what you mean. I’m trying to make this a full-time thing and after 10 hours I look up and realize hmm…have I really not talked to anyone since breakfast? And then there’s the constant checking (email, scrib, blogs, things posted….) such a thankless job 😉

  2. Then, write a short ad copy that lays more emphasis on the product’s benefits. You do not ever have to pay for web traffic, it is all free. If you are writing a suspense or horror story, chances are someone will throw a few punches.

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